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Bespoke Services & The Silver Gelatin Print
A silver gelatin photograph or print is a black-and-white image exposed from a film negative. The process uses several stages and the number of stages is unique to each Master Photographer’s style and artistry.

The craft also includes the film negative being exposed through optical and chemical processes on fiber or resin coated photo paper. There are no inks or pigments, traditional photographic paper contains microscopic silver particles in a layer of gelatin and is visually spectacular - a silver gelatin photograph by the Master Photographer produces a beautiful deep and broad spectrum of blacks, grays and whites, that provides an organic texture and a timeless look proven for lasting preservation by the history of the process across nearly two centuries.

The fine photographs offered exclusively on our site are in strictly limited editions;

Fiber prints of no more than two (2) editions
Resin-Coated prints of no more than five (5) editions
All the photographs are numbered, dated (month/year) and signed by the Master Photographer on the back of the photograph and on the matt.

A Certificate of Authenticity also accompanies each photograph sold, and is signed by the Master photographer and bears his wax seal. The certificate also describes in details the work and printing method, a copy is held in the Master Photographers records and archives to validate the authenticity and original ownership of the print after production. Please take a closer look at our most recent collection, each a unique journey in transforming every possible environment – home, office, personal space or business into a showcase of elegance, functionality, and unique charm. 

A Dance With Nature

The Story Behind The Lens | A Dance with Nature

After many years of documentary photography, I have drawn nearer to a subject close to my heart, by putting the faces of human beings to the side and focusing on the wonders of nature – I call this ongoing adventure – A dance with Nature – it has been and still continues to be, an incredible journey and to be honest it’s a story that has no clear conclusion – every day something new arrives, another thing dies, something else replaces it, grows into a new shape or moves to the next stage of its life cycle – ever-evolving always changing in some way or another – but never simple, instead complex, diverse and beautiful. Whether it be in shape, size, color, pattern or pure ingenuity I am never disappointed by my daily study.
Empathy with nature is all the enlightenment I need here on earth.

We are always here, frequently forgotten or ignored, underfoot, in the air and watching from a least expected spot – singing in the trees, hiding in the grass or even underground, all the same we are beneath your noses – hoping you’ll stop to think, ponder and wonder, at life passing by in a matter of days, a lifecycle in just one season or one short year – we are your life story here on earth - from birth until death - never failing to provide inspiration, hope, beauty and so much more.

Black and White Film Photography

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